MOBA_rt ( invited me to work on a project called "Mixing Art" , in which we were to reinterpret each other's art. I chose a character from the project called, "Alien".

This is the Character from the "Alien" project that I chose to work on.
My concept was to view the character from a different angle. In this case a 3/4 profile view. I began with the line art. 

I decided to start fleshing the character out for more of a 3D effect by adding another layer with a mid value gray.
Added a dark background and a color layer with some shadows.
Added more shadows and some highlights.
More highlights and shadows. Darkened the backgound.
I noticed a recurring pattern in some of MOBA_rt's work and added a similar pattern of spiral flourishes to the background.
Completed the detail work - Final.
Close-up detail view.
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