I did this project for my father-in-law, Donaciano (Chano) for Father’s Day. He’s a big auto enthusiast and loves classic cars. He used to have a ‘57 Chevy years ago.
When I printed this one out and sent it to him, he informed me that this is a ‘56 Chevy, not a ‘57! :-)
I used Adobe Illustrator Draw on an iPad Pro for this project.
Started with a rough sketch based on a photo I took of him when my wife and I took him to visit Bremerton Washington. We happend to see the Chevy parked near the shipyard and snapped a photo.
I added the line art on a separate layer.
Here the rough sketch outline layer is hidden, leaving the basic line art.
Added some detail on a separate layer
More detail on the car.
Started adding some detail to the face.
Added more detail line work.
Added another layer with some light gray shading.
Added another layer with mid tone shading gray.
Another layer with shading and texture.
A new layer with flat colors.
Added color to the background.
Added highlights.
Here I added an oval shape as a frame with the car overlapping to give it some depth and create the impression it's popping off the page!
Close-up detail.
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