Frida Kahlo

I made this digital drawing of Frida Khalo for my daughter-in law. I used the Adobe Draw app on my iPad Pro for this portrait
Step-by-step Process:
Started with the preliminary sketch.
Added the line art on a separate layer.
I added a new layer with charcoal gray and started erasing around the sketch outline.
Added a layer with gray mid tone value shading. using the eraser tool, I erased strokes from the dark gray layer to create the "woodcut" effect.
Added shadows and some color.
More color and added the crosshatching for a textured background.
Added skin tone layer and a green layer for the background.
Brightened up the skin layer.
Finished crosshatching, brightened green background and added highlights. Final.
Time-lapse video of the drawing process.
Animated gif showing layers progressively stacked.
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