“Global Reach for America” is a private commission done for the leadership of Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington. 
This artwork is to be awarded as a gift from the 92nd Air Refueling Wing Commander to departing Group Commanders.
This project was quite extensive as I had to get all the major elements and all the details incorporated into a cohesive composition, including the hangers, aircraft in flight, and insignia.
Started with a preliminary sketch.
Added the line art on a separate layer.
Finished basic line art layer. Turned off sketch layer.
I added a the aircraft silhouettes with mid-tone value gray.
Added some detail and shadows.
Added some color to the hangars.
Added detail and color to foreground.
Close-up detail of  U.S. flag for tail art. 
92nd Air Refueling Wing emblem. Motto: DUPLUM INCOLUMITATIS (Twofold Security).

Close-up detail of nose insignia.
Close-up detail of KC-135 tanker tail art,
Close-up detail of KC-135 tanker in flight.
Added color to the sky background.
Close-up detail of B-17 Bomber nose art.
Close-up detail of B-17 Bomber.
Completed artwork.
For more information on the 92nd ARW: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/92nd_Air_Refueling_Wing
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