Pakal, King of Palenque
This is a digital drawing based on a mural from a Mayan ruin in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.
Meet King Pakal of Palenque, also known as the Mayan Astronaut (based on the fact the Mayan ruler appears to be at the controls of a spacecraft).
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Closeup view
I used Adobe's Ilustrator Draw app on my iPad Pro for this drawing.
After completeing the Line Art Drawing, I added a black layer which I superimposed on the Line Art layer and erased lines to reveal the drawing underneath for a woodcut engraving effect.
After the Line Art drawing is revealed, from under the Woodcut layer, the two layers are merged.
I added a beige layer under the Line Art layer.
I added a reddish brown layer as the background color and light blue accents to the drawing.
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