Morgan Jones from "The Walking Dead"
I started my initial sketch with one of Kyle T. Webster's brushes (Leaky Fountain pen and Inky Grind brush).
On a new layer, I used the Watercolor Flat Brush from the Sketch brushes for the background.
I used the sketch as my line art.
On another layer (under the line art layer) I added the dark tones for the skin.
I added some midtone as a hint of highlights.
Changed the Blend Mode of the line art layer to Multiply.
Added a lighter shade of brown, some color to the clothing and few more mid tone highlights.
Added some shadows on another layer and more highlights at 50% opacity
More shadows and highlights.
Added hair stubble, beard and more shadows (I used  the Watercolor Flat Brush for the shadows).
Completed the detail work (Final)
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