George C. Scott as General George S. Patton
I made this digital painting to honor all our veterans on Veteran's Day.  I've always enjoyed the biopic "Patton" ever since I first saw it when it came out in the early seventies. One thing that really struck me at the beginning of the movie is that when the General rendered the salute, he was facing his troops when he did so. I thought that sentiment was appropriate to honor the troops that have fought for our freedom! Thank you, veterans!

I used Adobe Sketch on an iPad Pro for this Digital painting.

Began with a preliminary outline sketch
Started the Line art with one of Kyle's brushes: Dotty Liner.  Thanks Kyle!

Finished line art
Started painting with the base skin tone.
Painted the uniform and helmet
Completed the work with shading, highlights and some texture.
Close-up detail
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