Paul W. Butler (Bill), WWII Veteran, Portrait
Name Paul William (Bill) Butler
Service: Army Air Corps/USAF
Rank: 1st Lt.
Dates Served: 1942 – 1965 (Retired)
Highest Medal: Air Medal
Specialty: Bombardier, Garrison Commandant, General’s Aide
Stations: Geiger AFB, Hamilton AB, Anchorage AK, Bitburg AB GE, Ploesti, Yugoslavia, Campagnella, IT. Retired at Mcchord AFB in 1965
War: WWII, Korea
Aircraft: “Katie Did”, “Dutchess”, “Bucket of Bolts”
First Lieutenant Butler served in the Army Air Corps as a B-24 bombardier during World War II. He flew 53 bombing missions in the European theater and was shot down on seven separate occasions. On one of those occasions, he was captured by enemy forces and imprisoned in a POW camp from which he escaped.
Lt. Butler was wounded in combat but refused his Purple heart because he felt some of his comrades in arms were more deserving than he. He also served as (5-star) General of the Air Force Hap Arnold’s aide.
Portrait Painting Process:
Rough Sketch
Initial line art on a gray background layer.
Added first shadow layer and some detail
Added second shadow layer
Added some color 
Changed opacity on line art. 
Hid the line art layer and the background layer to view the Silhouette. Tested a mid-tone layer
Hid the mid-tine layer and added some more crosshatching for texture.
Added skin tone color layer.
I added a portrait of Bill in his youth for the background. It consists of three gray-scale layers
Added the U.S. flag to the background. 
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