Pick A Portrait Style
I created this portrait for Adobe's "Pick a Portrait Style" Challenge: https://create.adobe.com/2019/3/26/pick_a_portrait_styl.html
Initial sketch layer over black layer.
I used the eraser tool to "whittle away" from the black layer to create the woodcut or lino-cut effect.
Continued to make progress with the eraser tool.
Another stage in the erasing process. also added some mid-tone values on another layer for the shading and texture.
Almost finished with the erasing from the black layer.
Added more mid-tone values for  shading. I added a cross-hatch pattern to the shirt.
Completed the line art, shading and texture.
Added some color to background, hair and face.
Added more color.
Finalized detail work. Completed.
Close-up detail.
Process stage animation.
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