Veteran: Madison Palmer Jr.
Name: Madison Palmer Jr.
Vietnam-Era Veteran
Service: USAF
Rank: MSgt
Dates Served: 1974 - 1995
Medal: Meritorious Service Medal
AFSC: 811X0 (Security Police)
Stations: RAF Upper Heyford; Mather AFB, Ca; Anderson AFB, Guam; Dyess AFB, TX;  Norvenich AB, GE; 
Fairchild AFB, WA (’93 – Retirement  Feb ’95)
Started with the initial sketch outline.
Added another layer for the line art.
Hid the sketch layer.
Added a mid-tone value gray background.
Worked on some shading and detail.
More shading and detail work. Included some subtle highlights.
Added a flat shadow layer.
Created some texture on the flat shadow layer.
Added a color layer for the face and a line art layer or the background silhouette.
Added shading to the background silhouette.
More shading for silhouette.
Added color to background.
Started line art of Air Force Seal on background.
Filled in the Air Force seal and reduce opacity.
Project completed.

Animation showing the stages of the portrait development.
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